A Picture of our Community Group

Immediate Assistance

Emergency: 911
For immediate assistance with any medical, crime, or other safety issue

Police Non-Emergency: 616-456-3400
Report any issue that is Non-Emergency and may require an officer to be dispatched.

Non-Emergency, Non-Dispatch: 616-456-3403
Report crime or damage done to property so that you have a report for insurance purposes,but does not require an officer to be dispatched.

Silent Observer: (616) 774-2345
Anonymously report a crime or crime tip that affects the safety and well-being of your neighborhood.
Need help reporting a crime or do you have questions about how to make a report? For assistance, contact RPNA's staff.

Phone: (616) 243-2489
Email: Amy Brower, amy@rooseveltparkna.org
Joselin Daza, joselin@rooseveltparkna.org
Arlette Perez-Aguirre, arlette@rooseveltparkna.org